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Our services

To deliver a top-notch product development service, we have a dedicated team of talented individuals who work with their minds and passion.

Custom Software

With the use of the latest technology trends, we create powerful software specifically for each business.

Web Development

We focus on providing impeccable full-stack website development, customized according to customers’ needs.

Mobile Development

We strive to develop and design the most user-friendly Android and IOS applications for a variety of industries.


Our experts control the delivery of high-quality software development by synchronizing it with operations.

Marketing Services

Our digital marketing experts help you promote the created product, increase revenue, and boost your users’ experiences.

Unwavering support

Our support team of loyal individuals addresses all your requests extremely fast and twenty-four hours per week.

Industries We Cover

We develop products for various industries

Our expertise is limitless when it comes to the creation of excellent software. The team of professionals possesses valuable knowledge and skills and an interest in a particular project.

We have a chance to be proud of projects in fintech, AR/VR, healthcare, e-commerce, and social and cultural industries.

We select individual approaches toward working with our clients regarding their socio-cultural and professional preferences, which helps the team to understand a project from all aspects.

Concrete Security

Why demanding customers work with us?

During the period of the company’s growth, we have been working with the leaders of the world market in different fields. The clients choose Alliance-Trade-Group because of our unique customer-oriented approach.

Our three priorities

Pioneer clients become the members of our team as they directly participate in the product development and share ideas

We use feedback all the time as a valuable means for better cooperation inside and outside the company

Сlients feel that they become part of our friendly family so we do business and create a community as well


loyal employees




satisfied customers


successful projects


How we work


We hold a briefing with the clients, collect all information needed for the market research, check the fundamental requirements, and discuss them. Also, we guide the customers in choosing the correct technology for their projects.

Project Proposal and Technical Documentation

According to the results of the meeting, we prepare the project proposal with the time frames and spendings calculated and provided in detail. Then, we prepare the technical documentation for the clients to approve.

Project Management

At this stage, we begin the development and design of the software. Team members and the team lead form the group responsible for the project created under the supervision of the project manager.

Product Launch

When the fundamental is ready, we begin the product implementation and pass it and all the relevant information to the clients. We gather feedback inside the team as well as from the customers to evaluate our work and make improvements.

What Our Customers Are Saying


It is probably the most interesting company I’ve been working with. I recommend these guys to everyone who wants to have an unforgettable tech experience!

Evelyn Martinez

I came to Alliance-Trade-Group after I’ve had an issue with another company which had left me with nothing. These people fixed my project and helped to launch it and bring it to the market. Besides, they became a family to me — such was the atmosphere in their office.

Joel Peterson

Fast, efficient, timely, and pleasant service. I recommend this company!


Not every company has expertise in healthcare and can prove it as Alliance-Trade-Group did. This experience was extremely valuable, the team of developers impressed me with their responsibility and loyalty to what they do. Will approach them again.

Isabel M.

I will never forget such cooperative and dedicated people as the team from Alliance-Trade-Group! It is not only their professionalism that makes a pleasant surprise but the ability to make a customer feel at home. Besides software development, we organized a couple of mutual online events with the guys, which have positively influenced our revenue.

John K.

Such an extraordinary team of people who love their job. I ordered the software for my new project and they never let me down! I enjoy working with those who create projects with inspiration!

We partner with companies of all sizes, all around the world

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